Welcome to Humpty Dumpty

by R.E.W.A. Little Einsteins in Gaborone, BW


We pride ourselves on offering an inclusive ethos for children with all learning needs. We give individualised learning to children from ages 18 months up to 6 years.


Let them be little and have fun! At Humpty Dumpty, children learn through a multi-sensory, play-based approach to learning that’s been developed by early years education experts from around the world.


We aim to provide a secure and nurturing environment in which your child will grow and develop to their maximum potential in every aspect of their early lives.

Meet Our Team

Humpty Dumpty is a premier pre-school brought to you by R.E.W.A. Little Einsteins. We’re committed to developing education that transforms lives and communities in Botswana.

Our team is multi-disciplinary, composed of early childhood educators, speech therapists, and literacy experts. Plus we have external therapists working with us every week.

We ensure that children are learning more than letters and numbers – in the most engaging form – always mindful of their long-term holistic growth.

Our staff are trained to offer a positive behaviour management policy based on PET (Parent Effectiveness Training), Virtues, and Character Education.

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Our Mission


At Humpty Dumpty we aim to provide little learners with the skills to help them become confident, self-assured individuals who have an enthusiasm to learn.

Our purpose-built facility was designed to enhance and enrich the children’s learning and well-being. The large outside area, and many of our sustainable play resources, have been designed with child development specialists to be of high quality and developmentally appropriate.

This allows children to learn through the freedom of play while parents can rest assured that we’ve kept the importance of safety in mind.

All activities are designed to develop multiple intelligences and learning styles:

  • Literacy, through a phonics based approach
  • Numeracy, through Numicon and other International Best Practice approaches.
  • Playful Science and Discovery once a week
  • Show & Tell, enhancing confidence, creativity and communication
  • Poetry, for stronger language skills through the fun of repetition
  • Learning through the community, via school trips every term
  • Story time daily, because reading is a BIG part of our ethos



monkeynastix at humpty dumpty

Monkeynastix is a broad-based, holistic programme that combines creativity and music with basic training in flexibility, balance, strength, agility, co-ordination and body awareness.

A qualified instructor comes to Little Einsteins to run one fun-filled session per week. Because Monkeynastix believes in rewarding children to build their self-esteem, each child receives a special sticker or hand-out at each session plus other bonuses at the end of the term.

Your child will love and learn from each energy-packed session.

Monkeynastix is included in your child’s school fees.

kindermusik at humpty dumpty

Every day is a new beginning –a chance to help your child develop to his or her highest potential and build a strong foundation for learning. Your child’s journey to success begins at SensoBaby with Kindermusik.

Kindermusik International is a global community of early childhood educators dedicated to using the power of music to help children learn and develop in the best way possible. We believe, and science continues to demonstrate, that young children thrive on music.

Kindermusik is included in your child’s school fees.

playball at humpty dumpty

Playball is a fun-filled, energetic and positive sport that has been played around the world for the last 25 years.

They offer specialised programs for different age groups and teach basic ball skills, confidence to participate in sporting activities, social integration with other students, and aid in the development of concentration.

The goal of Playball is more than improving basic movement skills and refining sport skills and techniques. The real success of this “sport program” is that through competent sports participation – achieved through sound coaching principles – children secure a solid base from which to develop many other and more important aspects of their lives.

Playball is included in your child’s school fees.



School Fees

  • School Fees
  • P5500
  • per term
  • Part-time option available only to those in the Bee-Eater class
  • School Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7:30am – 1pm
  • Aftercare: Monday – Friday 1pm – 5.30pm (additional P1900 per term)
  • Food: Parents are encouraged to send a healthy snack for break time
  • Activities: Monkeynastix, Kindermusik, and Playball included
  • School Fees
  • P7920
  • per term
  • Full-time option
  • School Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 1pm
  • Aftercare: Monday – Friday 1pm – 5.30pm (additional P1900 per term)
  • Food: Parents are encouraged to send a healthy snack for break time
  • Activities: Monkeynastix, Kindermusik, and Playball included



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Welcome to Term 1!

humpty dumpty gaborone

We, at Humpty Dumpty Nursery School, are so excited for this first term of 2019 to start. There was a lot of joy this month as our staff returned from their holiday a week earlier to do training and to clean and sterilise toys and equipment. We have also moved some of our classes around to accommodate the larger classes, so be on the lookout for where the new classes will be from this year onwards.

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Term 3 2018 News and Updates

Humpty Dumpty Preschool Gardening
“Spring is here, spring is here! How do you think we know? We just saw a butterfly, that is how we know!” It’s term 3 and we kick it off with our Spring and little things theme. This is one of our favourite themes as we get to play outside, explore the new plants and insects, see and smell the blossoms, look at birds emerging from the cold winter and play with water and all sort of other sensory textures. We use so many bright colours in so many fun ways. You can truly feel spring in the air and with it comes the sense of excitement that this new term holds. We have many exciting things planned-lots of exploring, science experiments, gardening, lots of playing and more, more, more.
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Introducing Aftercare At Humpty Dumpty

after care at humpty dumpty
Introducing Aftercare at Humpty Dumpty from September 2019 We’re excited to announce that aftercare will be offered at Humpty Dumpty from 1pm – 5.30pm from September 2019. The Aftercare programme will include nap time and ‘Learn Through Play’ activities that build on our normal school curriculum. All activities are supervised by a teacher and support staff. Teddy Tennis offered weekly and included in the price!
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