Term 3 2018 News and Updates

Humpty Dumpty Preschool Gardening

“Spring is here, spring is here! How do you think we know? We just saw a butterfly, that is how we know!”

It’s term 3 and we kick it off with our Spring and little things theme. This is one of our favourite themes as we get to play outside, explore the new plants and insects, see and smell the blossoms, look at birds emerging from the cold winter and play with water and all sort of other sensory textures. We use so many bright colours in so many fun ways. You can truly feel spring in the air and with it comes the sense of excitement that this new term holds. We have many exciting things planned-lots of exploring, science experiments, gardening, lots of playing and more, more, more.

Our third week lead up to Botswana day and we celebrated in true Botswana style. On the 27th and 28th of September we brought our school outing “in”. Ba Hana Farmer’s Market came to our school and showed the children how to garden. It was a wonderful interactive day where the children were involved with the gardening and in the process of making our school even more beautiful. This tied in beautifully with our Spring theme and we are excited about our new learnt gardening skills.

Our next theme will be Space and thereafter Choices. We will explore and learn about thoughtful, safe, healthy, helpful and smart choices. Here we will incorporate and celebrate World Kindness day on the 13th of November. We will celebrate the various festivals and religious days happening this term. We also have our end of year concert which will once again be a wonderful experience for both the children and parents. We will let you know in due course the date for when the concert will take place.

We pride ourselves in the nurturing of virtues as we believe by teaching our children virtues they can grow into responsible, mindful and caring individuals who understand how to make this world a better place. We can show them that the world does not have to change them, but that they can change the world by living in a different and more positive way. We encourage you as parents to ask us more about our virtues curriculum to support the development of these qualities at home.

We have made some wonderful improvements to the school and we hope you have noticed. We have walled the playground and we are loving it. We also started our aftercare programme this term and we have new enrolments already. Sgotti restaurant has come on board and provides our children with affordable, delicious lunches on direct order. Teddy Tennis has also joined us and their extracurricular activity is included in the aftercare programme at no additional cost. Our half day children are welcome to join Teddy Tennis on a Thursday at 12:15 at an additional cost of P350 per term. Please feel free to enquire about our aftercare programme for more information.

We look forward to our last term of 2018 and we invite you as parents to join in and participate and support your children’s milestones, artwork and experiences.

Let’s learn, play and soar together!

Humpty Dumpty Spring Activities

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