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We, at Humpty Dumpty Nursery School, are so excited for this first term of 2019 to start. There was a lot of joy this month as our staff returned from their holiday a week earlier to do training and to clean and sterilise toys and equipment. We have also moved some of our classes around to accommodate the larger classes, so be on the lookout for where the new classes will be from this year onwards.

Again, we have lots in store with a jam-packed and fun-filled term ahead. We started off with training our staff in our Director and Principal’s very own learning approach (co-created with Caroline Gartland), which is being published and presented across the world. It is called the Rainbow-Play approach.  

On that note, don’t miss our Kadinsky-inspired wall art at Humpty Dumpty this year – and see if you can find the rainbow!

We also received training in Makaton, which is a multi-modal communication tool to support and boost our children’s speech and language. Some of the children in our school who receive speech therapy are also equipped to use Makaton, so this approach will really support those children too. Research shows that this tool benefits young children who are still acquiring language(s).

Some of the research states that early sign, accompanied with speech, provides the ability to communicate earlier in speech. It can also enhance psychological benefits such as self-confidence and self-esteem.

It can aid the development of language skills and speech development and increase your child’s visual and attention skills, it can increase their vocabulary, aid in reading ability and spelling efficiency, stimulate brain development as the motor component allows the brain to use the left and right brain hemisphere apposed to only the left-brain hemisphere when learning a spoken language and finally helps with memory retention.

This was enough reason for us to implement this tool at our school. It’s not only beneficial, but fun as well!

On a social note, we are planning our first parent social on the 24th of January. We will be hosting a Quiz Night so be prepared for lots of fun and sharpen up on your general knowledge in the meantime. More details will be sent out before the event. On Thursday, the 21st of February, we will have a parent info session on our new Rainbow Play Approach and our Virtues based behavior management approach. On 21 March we will have a family picnic with all the parents and children to enjoy a relaxed afternoon/evening making and nurturing connections.

Our school trip this term will be in relation to our theme “All about me” and we will be visiting an Optician. Further details will be sent out in due course. Our end of term event is our popular Art Exhibition. We will be turning the school into an art gallery for you to come peruse the children’s art they have created throughout the term. This will take place on the 11th of April, the day before school closes for the holidays.

Beyond all of this, we are also excited to celebrate some fun festivals this term – from Chinese New Year to Kid Inventor Day. We will of course keep you in the loop through Brightwheel, our fabulous school communication app that we are so proud to be pioneering in Africa. 

We are also very proud to say that we will continue with our Aftercare program this year. Teacher Nicola, who is also our school readiness teacher, will be facilitating and overseeing the program. They will be stimulated through fun activities and have lots of time to play, learn and rest. She will also be available to do extra school readiness preparation with those children signed up for aftercare that are also preparing for primary school assessments. We wish her all the best for this term.

From Humpty Dumpty Management we wish you a blessed and prosperous first term at our school and we look forward to getting to know all our children and their families even better this year!

To Play-Learn-Soar!

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