Term 2: Welcoming Winter to Humpty Dumpty

winter term 2

The cold has quietly crept in and the sun is shy in the morning as we get up early again in the dark on our way to school. However, after a decent holiday we have all dusted off the cobwebs and put on our Humpty Dumpty shirts to welcome our children back to school. This term is once again planned full of fun activities aimed at giving the children a well-rounded learning and fun environment.

We started off the first week with the theme Autumn and can already see how some trees are changing colour and shedding their leaves. Our other themes to follow are World of Animals, which will include our very exciting trip to the BSPCA, Winter, Conservation-Our natural environment, Health and Fitness (with our SPORTSDAY) and Choices.

In between we will be celebrating various holidays and other celebrations. The holidays to take note of, when there will be no school, are: 30 and 31 May (Ascension Day), 28 June and 1 July (Sir Seretse Khama Day), 15 and 16 July (President’s Day).

We are also planning a parent social every month. Our first event, Father’s Day Brunch, will be for the whole family to attend on Saturday, the 15th of June from 9-11am. On 18 July we will host a Games evening from 4-6pm and on the 8th of August we will have our Sports Day for parents to come watch and support their children doing fun sports.

We are very excited to now also offer Setswana classes to our little ones as an additional activity. Exposing them to more than one language is, according to research, good for cognitive and language development. The bonus is also that it is the Batswana language and will enhance communication with others around them. The classes are offered by Re A Bua and is done in a playful manner so children can learn the language through play. It will be held on a Wednesday at 12pm and at a cost of P550 per term. Please sign them up at the office if you are interested.

Another new and very welcome addition to our morning routine is the “Cups and Pups” coffee cart that will be selling, cappuccinos, espressos, coffees and teas every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning during drop off time from 7-8am. Please support this initiative and at the same time get a warm cuppa to get your day started right!

Our children are gearing up for the school readiness assessments and with a twinge of nervousness that comes with it, there is also an air of excitement as children are preparing themselves for “big” school. We encourage parents to speak to their children about this event in a positive manner and not to be stressed about it. The primary schools have assured us that every child is also judged on their maturity and age and we have to let children reach that point at their own pace. That said, we are still creating an environment through fun and play to prepare them for the assessments that lies ahead. We wish all of them the very best!

Have a blessed term from all of us at Humpty Dumpty Nursery School.

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