Term 3 Welcome

Term 3 2019

It is September and the last school term of 2019 has just taken off with a bang! For some the holidays were too long, for others too short, but the excitement of the first day was tangible. We are so happy to have our children back at school, learning, playing and socialising. We also would like to welcome all our new children who started this term and their families to Humpty Dumpty. We look forward to getting to know you more in the coming weeks and at our social events.

 Our events this term includes Gardening day, a Games Night parent social and our end of year concert and graduation.

Humpty Dumpty Term 3 2019

Our school remains committed to our Positive Behavioural Management approach and Virtues Project programme. We follow the Virtues Project to grow and instil character in our children. We want them to grow into strong social and emotional little people to face the daily challenges with resilience. We want to teach them to be tolerant and mindful of others and to start showing empathy. Below I want to discuss the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project to help you implement this at home and understand the approach better.

  • Speak the Language of Virtues – Language has great influence to empower or discourage. Self-esteem is built when shaming. Blaming language is replaced by using the virtues, our qualities of character. Virtues are used to acknowledge, guide and correct. The Language of Virtues helps us remember what kind of people we want to be.
  • Recognise Teachable Moments – This strategy is a way of viewing life as an opportunity for learning, reflecting and being able to recognise our mistakes as opportunities to hone our virtues. It is an approach to bringing out the best in each other by asking, “What can I learn from this situation?”, “What do I need to do differently next time?” and “How can I make it right?”
  • Set Clear Boundaries – Clear boundaries, connected to a Shared Vision of the virtues with which we want to treat one another, help to prevent violence and create a safe learning environment. Clear ground rules based on virtues build an atmosphere of order and unity. This strategy offers a positive approach to discipline, emphasizing both assertiveness and restorative justice. It helps is to identify what bottom line behaviours will not be tolerated as well as how amends can be made and how there are often natural consequences, but not punishments, to behaviour.
  • Honour the Spirit – School spirit grows through simple practices that illumine our sense of values, such as creating Shared Vision Statements. A school-wide moment of silence each morning can bring a sense of peace to the day. Virtues Sharing Circles allow us to reflect on what matters to us. Participation in the arts honours meaning and creativity. Celebrations make special events meaningful. Look out for your child’s Virtues Shield at the end of term!
  • Offer the Art of Spiritual Companioning – This is an art and skill which supports healing, encourages moral choice and allows the safe expression of feelings. It helps to get to the heart of the matter. It involves true presence and listening, asking and clarifying questions, which allows individuals to empty their cups and then solve their own problems with the helps of the virtues. Our teachers and staff at Humpty Dumpty are trained in this art but we all need to practice it everyday.

We would like our children at Humpty to be positive and confident, caring and compassionate, creative and helpful, trustworthy and respectful to name but a few. We strive to build up our children and we invite you to join us in this quest.

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