Welcome to 2020!

Humpty Dumpty Term 1 2020

As the new decade starts, we feel motivated, energised and full of hope for a wonderful and positive year ahead at Humpty Dumpty Nursery School. Like every term we have loads on offer.

We started with all our new students arriving and there was a buzz at school with all the welcomes and chatter. Most of our newcomers have settled in nicely and school has fallen into a routine. Our extra activities, which are included in our fee structure have also begun: Monkeynastix, Kindermusik and Zumba. The children were happy to see the familiar faces and partake in the fun activities. We started our additional private activities, Playball and Setswana, firm favourites as always.

This term we have our school trip to the Dentist which is in line with our very first theme, “All About Me”. Our Kingfishers, Wood Hoopoes and Fish Eagles will be going in the bus, which is always a highlight. “Please follow our Facebook page “Humpty Dumpty Nursery School” to see updates and photos.

Also planned are various parent socials and this month we kick off with a Quiz Night which will also double up as a fundraiser. This year we will be fundraising for a very special student we have at our school who battles a very rare disease, called Batten’s Disease. You can follow her journey on social media #JamilasJourney. We will keep you up to date on more fundraisers which will help and enable Jamila’s parents to cover Jamila’s medications, medical interventions and therapies.

In February we will also be holding a school readiness talk for our parents regarding what is expected of your child for school readiness and we will talk about norm-based outcomes.

In March we will have a parent talk on our Rainbow Play approach that we follow at Humpty Dumpty. Priyanka Handa Ram, the Director at Humpty Dumpty and Little Einsteins Nursery Schools is the co-founder and developer of this approach and she will be presenting and telling us more about the approach we follow.

Our end of term Art Exhibition will be held as always when the art our students made, during the first term, will be displayed. This is an exciting day as parents will be able to not only see the beautiful things their children made, but also visually understand the progress they made throughout the term.

May this term be one filled with lots of laughter, joy and most of all, lots of play!

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