Term 3 2018 News and Updates

Humpty Dumpty Preschool Gardening

“Spring is here, spring is here! How do you think we know? We just saw a butterfly, that is how we know!”

It’s term 3 and we kick it off with our Spring and little things theme. This is one of our favourite themes as we get to play outside, explore the new plants and insects, see and smell the blossoms, look at birds emerging from the cold winter and play with water and all sort of other sensory textures. We use so many bright colours in so many fun ways. You can truly feel spring in the air and with it comes the sense of excitement that this new term holds. We have many exciting things planned-lots of exploring, science experiments, gardening, lots of playing and more, more, more.

Introducing Aftercare At Humpty Dumpty

after care at humpty dumpty

Introducing Aftercare at Humpty Dumpty from September 2019 We’re excited to announce that aftercare will be offered at Humpty Dumpty from 1pm – 5.30pm from September 2019. The Aftercare programme will include nap time and ‘Learn Through Play’ activities that build on our normal school curriculum. All activities are supervised by a teacher and support…